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ZnetDK 4 Mobile

Web App Development in PHP and JavaScript

Create your first mobile App in a few minutes and for free...

Ready-built Mobile Application

No need to start up from scratch. You just have to add the views that fullfill your business requirements and connect them to the user navigation menu.

All the features expected for a mobile business application are already developed!
Authenticate your users through the built-in login form. Show them only the pages they are allowed access to.
Design lists of data and user forms for information display and update.
Customize the title, the company logo and the theme colors...

Develop with Open Web Standards

The skills for developing your mobile application are the same as those needed for developing a website...

Design your views in HTML and CSS, add a touch of interactivity in JavaScript, code your server-side business services in PHP according to a MVC Architecture, query your data in SQL.
All this with only a few lines of code thanks to the ZnetDK Web Application Full-Stack Framework (server-side and client-side API) that resolves the common low-level problems...

ZnetDK for Mobile is a free project licensed under GPL license (see license terms).

Framework Built-in Key Features


Design your application for optimized rendering on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices by using the W3.CSS grids and layouts.

Progressive Web App

With PWA technology, no need to install first the application from a store before using it. Your app starts quickly and can display a custom offline page.

User Authentication

Users can be authentified by entering a login and password through the built-in ZnetDK login form.

User Management

Declare the users allowed to access your application and assign them a profile according to their user rights.

Navigation Menu

Create easily a 2 level user navigation menu just by adding its definition into the menu.php script of the application.

UI Theming

Customize the colors of your application, change the title of the application, display your company logo, choose another font...

Data lists

Create easily your lists of data in HTML5 and connect them to the remote PHP controller action. Enable in JS built-in search and sort capabilities.

User Forms

To add new data or modify existing ones, build in HTML5 custom user forms and connect them to the storage PHP remote controller action.


Propose suggestions to the users while they're entering text through the ZnetDK autocomplete input field.

Action buttons

Fixed action buttons for adding new items, refreshing a list content, searching specific data and scrolling the page content to the top.

User messages

Shows to users, informational, confirmation, warning and error messages with auto-hide and Snackbar effects.

Local storage

For a better user experience, store locally on the user's device, private data and settings that must persist after the web browser is closed.

AJAX Requests

ZnetDK for Mobile is a Single Page Application (SPA). The views and data are loaded on demand through AJAX requests. Custom AJAX requests are easy to develop.

Data Access Object

The data are selected and stored through DAO PHP classes. For simple operations, no SQL statements are needed to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE data.

Data Validation

Validate the user form data through the PHP Validation classes called from the application controller actions to check the data before their storage.

Full-Stack API

Accelerate your developments by calling the high level JavaScript and PHP ZnetDK API methods.

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