ZnetDK 4 Mobile


The origin of ZnetDK 4 Mobile

ZnetDK for Mobile is a subproject of the Open Source ZnetDK project, released for the first time on April 2015.

ZnetDK is a full-stack framework that aims to simplify the development of internet applications for small businesses, covering both the server-side (PHP and MySQL) and client-side (HTML5, JavaScript and CSS) features with the ambition to offer a high quality User Interface, in particular thanks to the jQuery UI project, the PrimeUI Widgets and the AJAX technology.

ZnetDK for Mobile is still based on PHP and MySQL on the server-side. However, the client-side is now directly built in JavaScript, jQuery and in HTML5 with the lightweight W3.CSS framework.
Now jQuery UI and PrimeUI are no longer required.

ZnetDK and ZnetDK for Mobile are developed in France by Pascal MARTINEZ.