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Eco friendly

Acting for developing Green Web Applications

You are aware that digital technology contributes day after day to climate change.
As a developer, we have a responsibility to limit the use of machine resources (CPU, disks and network traffic) as much as possible.
It is for this reason that I strive as best as I can to optimize ZnetDK 4 Mobile in its design and its improvements so that the applications developed are as sober as possible in their consumption of machine resources.
I present to you below the choices made and the strategies applied to achieve them.

Reduced size of web resources

Saved machine resources: Network traffic, CPU, Storage

See below the web resources downloaded by the web browser when the ZnetDK 4 Mobile Starter App is displayed for the first time (file cache is empty).

ZnetDK 4 Mobile JS API mobile-min.js JavaScript 93 kB
jQuery jquery-3.6.0.min.js JavaScript 90 kB
FontAwesome fontawesome-webfont.woff2 Font 77 kB
FontAwesome font-awesome.min.css CSS 31 kB
W3.CSS w3.css CSS 24 kB
ZnetDK 4 Mobile Main page index.php Html 16 kB
ZnetDK 4 Mobile Favicon favicon.ico Icon 15 kB
EXO Font exo-v7-latin-regular.woff2 Font 11 kB
ZnetDK 4 Mobile logo android-chrome-192x192.png Picture 10 kB
ZnetDK 4 Mobile logo logoznetdk.png Picture 6 kB
ZnetDK 4 Mobile Stylesheet mobile-min.css CSS 4 kB
W3.CSS theme w3-theme-blue.css CSS 2 kB
EXO Font exo-v7-latin-regular.css CSS 1 kB
TOTAL 380 kB

Progessive Web Application (PWA)

Saved machine resources: Network traffic

Thanks to PWA technology, the service worker installed when the application is first loaded has stored in the browser's cache memory the main web resources required to display and operate the application.
When the application is loaded the following times in the web browser, the web resources stored in the cache memory are no longer downloaded, which represents a saving on network traffic of approximately 364 kB.

Small disk space required on web server

Saved machine resources: Storage

Only 3 MB of space disk is needed to install ZnetDK 4 Mobile on your web hosting.

Single Page Application

Saved machine resources: Network traffic

The ZnetDK 4 Mobile web applications are designed as Single Page Application (SPA) which means that only the layout of the HTML page is loaded when the application is accessed from the web browser.
When an application view and its data needs to be displayed, the HTML code of the view and the data in JSON format are loaded on demand in AJAX and added to the main page's DOM (i.e. Document Object Model), without the need to completely reload a new HTML page.

HTML code of application views loaded only once.

Saved machine resources: Network traffic

After a view has been loaded for the first time in the DOM, during subsequent displays of the view, its HTML code is not reloaded, only its data is reloaded in JSON format.

Autocomplete suggestions in cache

Saved machine resources: Network traffic

When suggestions are fetched from the web server and displayed by the Autocomplete widget, they are stored in the browser's cache in case the same suggestions might be offered the next time a keyword is typed into the same autocomplete widget.
Network traffic can be optimized by tweaking the autocomplete properties.

Logged in user informations in session

Saved machine resources: Network traffic

To limit the number of SQL query executions, the information of the logged in user is stored in session and accessible via the ZnetDK PHP class \UserSession.

Limited SQL query executions

Saved machine resources: CPU, Network traffic

ZnetDK 4 Mobile is designed to reduce the number of SQL queries executed by the SQL server as much as possible.
To trace and reduce the number of queries executed by features added to your web application, the CFG_SQL_TRACE_ENABLED parameter can be enabled.

Compatible with recent PHP versions

Saved machine resources: CPU

It is recommended to run server-side application processing with the most recent version of PHP.
Since version 7.0 of PHP, the execution of PHP scripts has been particularly optimized, which has the effect of drastically reducing CPU usage.
The latest version of ZnetDK 4 Mobile is compatible with PHP version 8.1 which should be preferred as much as possible.