ZnetDK 4 Mobile


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ZnetDK for Mobile

Version 2.2

Release date May 25, 2020

(latest version)
Software Development Kit ZnetDK for Mobile version 2.2 including the following additional components:

jQuery version 3.4.1
W3.CSS version 4.12
FontAwesome version 4.7.0
Google Font Exo Regular version 7.

znetdk4m-v21.zip Software Development Kit ZnetDK for Mobile version 2.1 released on October 15, 2019.


Security SQL Tables

The Security SQL Tables must be imported into the database of your application in order to authenticate users.

znetdk-security-1.4.zip SQL Script for creating the security tables. The ZIP archive contains the following files:

CHANGELOG.TXT: the history of the modifications.
INSTALL.TXT: the installation procedure.
znetdk-security.sql: script MySQL for creating the tables zdk_users, zdk_profiles, zdk_user_profiles, zdk_profile_menus and zdk_profile_rows.



Download here the scripts mentioned in the Tutorial page for developing a contact list.

zdk4m-tuto-contacts.sql SQL Script for creating the table named contacts and filling it of 100 sample rows.

zdk4m-tuto-contacts.zip The ZIP archive containing the PHP source code of the Tutorial to manage contacts with the ZnetDK for Mobile Starter Application.
Find within the ZIP archive the following scripts:

menu.php: the APP menu definition including the My contacts menu item.
contactctrl.php: the application controller for managing contacts.
contactlist.php: the view developed for displaying and managing a list of contacts.



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